Today’s copywriter

In this day and age, being a master of copywriting is not enough. Businesses want to rank high in Google, while some jobs require you to write in HTML.

Today’s copywriter is whom I define as someone who has other skills that meet the needs of today’s businesses.

My past experiences running my small online shops made me or rather, forced me to learn new skills:

  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Ads PPC
  • HTML

I have a diversified skill, and some may think I am spread thin; this is not the case as they complement my copywriting.

Firstly, I started as a copywriter. I did product descriptions, SEO copies, and loads of sales copy.

Why do I love copywriting? The power of my words that persuade someone to do something makes me feel like a Jedi. Absurd right?

Today’s copywriter is an S.E.O. Geek.

My SEO background comes from writing three (failed) blogs back when I was in my early years.

I bought books, surfed the web, read everything about SEO, keywords, backlinks, on-page SEO, off-page SEO. Binged watch Youtube. No matter how much knowledge I stuffed my brain with, it did not help.

The lack of commitment, being young, not a care in the world attitude were the major contributing factors to my failure.

Today, I am not young anymore; I now keep track of any new SEO changes because Google loves to keep me on my toes.

Below is my current SEO case study which is taking quite an enormous amount of my time, writing content. This is the main reason why I had to stop some of my copywriting services. Focus is needed if this site is to succeed.

I bought this brand new site on July 4, 2019. As you can see, it is in a very competitive niche. However, it is slowly climbing up in rank.

Also, well versed in marketing.

I started my e-commerce business about three years ago. I caught the entrepreneurship bug again. 

I knew nothing about business. My thoughts were if I could open an online store, run Facebook ads, PPC ads, all that was left for me to do is to watch the money roll in. Was I ever so wrong!

Learning business the hard way is not fun, stressful, and can empty your pocket as fast as you can say bankrupt. 

I have read a lot of marketing and business books and have realized that I need to increase my income to feed the business. Since then, I have closed all my online stores and focus more on my service business.

Albeit having four failed businesses, I did learn a significant amount about marketing. I realize the customer’s journey from awareness, consideration to conversion is vital to success.

I can read advertising metrics, that testing is crucial, when to kill ads, how to scale. I’ve been there.

I love marketing so much, I decided to put my name on it.

Google Digital Marketing
Hubspot Social Media Marketing

Also Knows Basic HTML.

I am studying a little bit of programming C++ language in my spare time. In any programming language, the idea is the same. So what I learned from my C++ course, I can apply it to HTML.

I Can Grow Your Business

With my Copywriting ability, I can write engaging articles for your business, a sales letter that will make you more than what you pay me. I will be your rainmaker.

My background in digital marketing will drive traffic to your website, landing pages, generate awareness, leads, sales, and grow your brand. I will market you.

Lastly, your SEO will give your business a significant amount of free leads. Focusing your business on an SEO campaign will pay off in the long run. You will not see it today, however, your ROI will be tenfold.

Contact me and find out what a direct response copywriter, a marketer, and a local SEO specialist can do for your business. 


Christian Tanobey

P.S. Full disclosure; I used my pen name for my URL; Christiantanobeycopywriter.com is just too long.

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