You need a health copywriter who is knowledgeable about health-related issues and has experience. Someone who has been there. Who experienced the ups and downs of being fat. The struggles of eating healthy. I have this problem for many years and still do to this day.

Certified weight loss nutritionist is a qualified health copywriter

As a health copywriter, you will love working with me. Why? Not only am I getting old but also have fluctuating weight problems. I’ve experienced the pains, the struggles, the setbacks of attaining perfect body weight. I am your market.

Moreover, I am a qualified weight loss nutritionist. You can check out one of my websites which is in the health industry: Healthful Papa.

“Lose Weight NOW! Or, You’ll DIE!”

Was the words from someone who cares deeply for me. As shocking as it may sound, it gave me the drive, the passion for helping myself, and others.

Dear reader,

My conundrum for many years is losing weight. I know how to lose weight. It is in the execution that I’m lacking.

It is even more so important to look after myself because I am nearing the ripe old age of 40. Ah, old, it’s scary. I am already on statins to help unclog my arteries.


I’ve had an endoscope shoved down my throat. My testicles have been sown fixed, caused by partial torsion. Doctors pushed their thumb where the sun don’t shine to check my prostate.

I am certain as I get older many health issues will get worse. For this reason, I am obsessed with Health.

Prevention is the best medicine.

I came to the realization I need to be proactive. Physical activity helps reduce certain types of cancers, diabetes, obesity (nearly there), heart problems and many more.

Being active is not the hard part. Eating right is.

The hardest thing for a foodie like me, yup, I love food too, which makes it worse. Takes a lot of mind power not to pick up a Krispy Kreme donut.

I have been working out for 2 decades, yet I am not HUGE, not even CUT. 

My body is the worst type. I am a hybrid of an Ectomorph and Endomorph. Hard for me to gain muscle and store lots of body fat.

Kind of bummed for not being a Mesomorph. These body types barely touch dumbbells and get massive.

I can’t cry about it, just work out harder and I did.

To achieve that result, it is through hard work. Most importantly, the right mindset.

I believe that is the primary factor in achieving your goals. Everyone knows the HOW, it’s all over the internet. Google “How to lose weight” and you’ll get a plethora of results containing the same answers.

It is in the DOING

We all know it, we just don’t do it. A perfect example is my brother. Look at his gym set. It is now used to hang my 1 y.o. daughter’s toys (I live with him).

COST = $2250

gym set

This training bag I hit once a day while walking past to get my kid’s toys.

COST = $150

training bag

I call them expensive dust collectors.

The last time anyone touched them was 2 years ago, six months after purchased. Except for this treadmill. It rained last month, preventing me from running outside. So, I ran indoors instead.


COST = $1300

Having all these expensive pieces of equipment, yet he is still skinny. He comes home, eats dinner and has a shower.

Watches TV for 4 hours then complains he doesn’t have time to workout. I’d show a picture of him, but he said no.

Look, I can go on how much I know and my experiences, but ultimately this is all about you.

What It Means To You

Well, for one, I am knowledgeable about weight loss. Fitness is a passion of mine and I use YOUR products. I am your ideal customer.

Through years of research, I acquired wisdom.

The determining factor of any sales copy’s success is NOT speaking medical jargon or pompous words. It is having a normal conversation with the customer, with the knowledge of their wants.

I have been researching the health industry for 17 years, more so as I get older. My type of writing delivers knowledge as well as empathy to your reader.

Not only am I obsessed with health, but my immediate family are also nurses and pathologists. My references for materials are at my fingertips. You don’t have to spend time educating me.

You won’t believe what my family shares about their work. I will use those to inject fire and curiosity into the copy. You will get copies with stories so relatable, riveting, and somewhat dirty.

So what you’ll get…

  • Money making copy.
  • A copy worth more than what you pay me.
  • Ease of mind.
  • More time to run your business.
  • More subscribers.
  • 9x your sales.
  • Unimaginable profits.
  • You can sit back and relax.

I’ve helped businesses make more sales. Marketed brands that gave them a long line of clients.

In just 1 week Chris brought me opportunities more than I could imagine. Never would have thought I would be turning down jobs. Thank you for the great results.

Conchita Baniaga CLM Services

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You can keep the copy I, painstakingly spent days on. You can test it against your control, keep it on file, trash it. You can do anything you want.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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You can keep searching for other copywriters. Someone who has no idea about the health industry. Someone who hasn’t been in the trenches.

No idea about weight loss. Doesn’t know the difference between eccentric contraction to concentric. Body types, what’s a BMI, HIIT, Keto.

Has no clue what statins are for. Doesn’t’ know how it feels in a hospital bed. They have never seen a hospital.

I’m sure they can learn it but with a steep curve ahead. Won’t you prefer to work with someone who already knows? Who can hit the ground running? Who can deliver with a money-back guarantee?

Don’t entrust your business with someone who has no clue about healthcare, weight loss or fitness. Hire a professional health copywriter. The difference is as clear as night and day.

Christian Tanobey

P.S. Don’t let the competition get the better of you. Hire a copywriter health specialist before I’m booked out. As mentioned earlier, I serve a small number of clients at any given time on a first come first-served basis. Don’t miss out.

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A copywriter can do a lot for your business. Especially when it comes to getting traffic, growing your brand and sales.