So you decided to start an e-commerce store. Using Shopify, woocommerce, or marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy. No matter the case you are looking for a copywriter for your e-commerce business. The first thing you need to ask your potential copywriter is if they love coffee.

Copywriter for eCommerce loves coffee

Okay, if a copywriter tells you he/she doesn’t like coffee, run away! A copywriter who doesn’t like coffee is NOT a copywriter.

However, here I am, currently drinking coffee at Gloria Jeans. And, this mocha cappuccino is freaking awesome, bombing my brain with multiple ideas. Prompting me to take advantage of this brain surge and convince you why I’m your copywriter for eCommerce.

Attention! Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Online sellers.

What makes a good copywriter for eCommerce?

March 20, 2019

Dear Seller,

What I am about to tell you is my own personal e-commerce journey. I started selling on eBay in 2007. It was only to make some extra buck while working full time.

Sold anything and everything I could get my hands on. Old unwanted things just collecting dust were dollar signs.

I treated it as a side income.

To this day, I am still an active seller but don’t get my full attention. Too busy nowadays. It is a good marketplace to get rid of some inventory.

Also, I tried Amazon for about a year but didn’t click with me. The fees were comparatively higher than eBay. So, I took down all my listings.

Then just about 3 years ago, I started selling online using a drop shipping business model on Shopify.

This is where I learned how to do marketing, the importance of branding, Facebook ads, Google’s PPC  and copywriting.

I don’t have any former degree in business, so I read many books and learned to market. Although I do have an accounting degree, it does not help with the business side of things.

To market my products, I needed to leverage the reach of Facebook. I had to learn about Facebook advertising from Udemy and Fiverr and this helped a ton.

Then, probably the best skill that I could ever have acquired is copywriting. If you kept up with my blog, you probably know how I made a career out of this new-found skill.

To summarize for those who are not in the loop. I didn’t set out to be a copywriter, but to be able to sell my products, I had to learn.

School Of Hardknocks

“Experience is the teacher of all things.”

This has never been truer in my case. What I know about marketing, Facebooks Ads, Google PPC, business knowledge and copywriting comes down to doing.

You can read all the books you want but without implementation, you will never grasp true knowledge. Big difference in knowing and doing.

Even if you did start “doing”, you are only scratching the surface. To be great at your craft, you have to dedicate all your time and effort.

I want to keep honing my skill in copywriting and that means doing many sales letters, product descriptions, email copies, ad copies you name it.

My specialty though is writing a sales letter. Hence, almost all my blogs are sales letter oriented. Just like this one.


A blog is different. For one thing, it is not focused on selling. You see, when I write a sales letter, I “try” not to educate. If I do, it will be a few lines.

Teaching the customer about the product distracts the reader’s brain from the buying momentum.

Albeit, a buyer won’t buy something not having knowledge of. So a little bit about the product can help.

The structure is not the same. A traditional blog provides information, a story. A sales copy has a story, information, call to action, implements strategy and psychology to affect the behavior of the reader.

Whenever I try to incorporate a sales copy to a blog, it is not the real deal. So if you are thinking that this is what a sales letter looks like, you are mistaken.

If you want to see one of my sales copy, you can read one of my promotions by clicking here.

As you can see, there isn’t much about the product but a brief description and benefits to give the reader. Enough to convey how the product can help.

All the information the reader needs to know will be after the sale. So don’t give it all away. Tease it to them until they can’t hold it in any longer and take out their…

… Credit card.

Yes, that is the end goal of a sales letter. Don’t confuse a sales letter to a blog post.

Moving on…

Now here’s the pitch.

Explode Your Profits 251% With An Experienced eCom Copywriter

Hi! Chris Tan again.

Selling on eBay, Amazon and my own Shopify online store was an eye-opener. Never realized that running a business requires a great deal of capital.

To be brief, I closed them all due to inexperience. Also, I have a problem keeping money, but I’ll save that story for another time. Do you know what kept me from going bankrupt though?

It is this proven tactic which increases sale conversions by ten folds. Without it, I would be homeless today. Writing this sales letter with a pen and paper I found in a dumpster somewhere.

I have been using this effective formula to sell hundreds of products online. Putting HUGE fat dollars in my pocket.

Just look at this Shopify store which generated over $50,000.00 in revenue.

Implemented the formula in December. In 2 months, sales quickly rose more than 9 times.

This secret sauce can 2x, 3x or even 4x your sales!

I don’t want to give you unrealistic results like saying 9x but as you can see, it is possible. For now, let’s aim for something more concrete.

If you bare with me, I will tell you how I achieved this amazing result in a second.

Proven To Work In Any Platform

This formula will work on anywhere as long as the core principle is in the written copy.

I have been implementing this formula in all my product descriptions on eBay, Amazon and on Shopify.

I tested product A with the formula in its product description to product B without the formula. The difference is clear as night and day. Product A’s purchase conversion was 2.7 times higher compared to product B.

Imagine when this is applied to your eCom business? Your products will literally fly out the checkout.

And you know what?

This skill is transferrable. Anyone can LEARN this powerful craft.

All you need to do is read books about copy, preferably about direct response. One or two can get you started.

Now reading is a good thing but it is far less effective compared to doing. You can read the entire book in the world, I guarantee you wouldn’t be as good as the person practicing.


After reading one or two books, you need to write a sales letter daily. You also need to read copy not read about it. What do I mean?

Reading about copy is different from reading an actual sales copy written by a real direct response copywriter. While reading, you need to dissect each line and understand what’s behind the words.

What is it trying to get the reader to feel? What emotion is the word triggering inside the reader’s brain?

Do this daily until one day, when your own copy has compelled you to buy your own product. Then and only then, call yourself a copywriter.


You can leverage my time and expertise to write your rainmaker.

Time Is More Valuable Than Money

The single biggest mistake you can make is not valuing your time. If you are not leveraging time from other people then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Do you think entrepreneurs like Richard Brunson, Gary Vee (Vaynerchuck) even Kevin David, sit at home cranking out sales letters? I bet you any money, if they are not sleeping, they are looking for people to leverage their time.

Manuel Bruschi an Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Timeular gives a speech in TEDx about why time is the most valuable thing in life.

Another entrepreneur made this famous quote.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Time is a limited commodity, so precious it warrants a greater value. If you could leverage a copywriter to do all the tedious task of writing for you. Just think of how much you can do to grow your business.

When you have more time, you can come up with new ideas. Implement them, network with people and find better and cheaper suppliers. Would you be able to do this if you were writing your own copy?

Writing a copy involves time-consuming research, coming up with new ideas, an angle, and writing. You can probably breeze through it but don’t you want a quality copy? How will this affect your company?

Don’t Hire Any Other Copywriter Until You Read This

What makes me unique is I have done eCommerce in the past. I know what works and what doesn’t.

I have hundreds of product descriptions, sales pages that have made thousands in revenue under my belt.

You will not only be working with a short suave copywriter but a dang good marketer too. You see, I had to learn about marketing.


You will get rainmaking copies, plus I offer some valuable marketing tips.

Don’t’ pass up this opportunity to work with an eCom guy.

Stop relying on Fiverr’s cheap, low-quality copywriters. You do know why they are on Fiverr right? They are either starting out or suck at their job.

Some of them put together a team of $5 Fiverr sellers to become the middlemen and charging buyers at a higher price.

You always get what you pay for. Cheap copies are a dime a dozen.

Money making copies from a REAL professional sales letter specialist will INSTANTLY improve your sales.      

What if you can finally stop competing on price?

You don’t’  want to be the dollar saver shop. I guarantee you will have a hard time making a profit. You will make sales but how many sales do you need to break even or even have anything in your pocket?

It is in your best interest to stop reducing prices just for a sale. This type of business is for those who have high buying power like Walmart, Target.

Can you compete with those giants? If you are trying to, then you need all the help in the world, start with a good copywriter.

If there is anything you can take away from me today. It is to price your product at a good profit margin. Never compete on price. Entice the customer with a winning copy so your CPC doesn’t go to waste.

Also, you should have an email capture in place so you can always market to them and not have wasted the cost of their visit.

So what you will get working with me:

  • A semi handsome, direct response copywriter.
  • Expert eCom dude.
  • Built and ran stores for 3 long years and not go broke.
  • Dirty little secrets only a Facebook Ad geek know about.
  • 3 simple strategies to grow your brand.

All you have to do is contact me and express your interest. I will get back to you and we will discuss what your business needs.

If I can help your business then we can move onto the next step…

Quality Work For Golden Clients

Currently I have 2 clients that I am working with, in fact they are also running an eCom store. One is using Shopify and the other is woocommerce.

I am happy working with them, I call them my golden eggs. I want more golden eggs. I want that to be you but…

You have to do something for me, that is to contact me right now. I will only take 2 more. You see, I limit myself to 4 clients at any given time.

Why do I do this?

Quality work. One that will get BIG results.

I could just start taking on as many clients I can and crank out mediocre sales copies.  I can’t do it. My pride won’t let me.

Writing a copy, especially a sales letter in a short amount of time, is average at best.

A killer sales letter takes days to put together. The research alone can take as long as 3 days. Even coming up with an angle can take longer. Consistency, factual, persuasive and effective copy is what I aim for.

It’s just impossible to deliver a high converting sales letter in just a day or two. If you want a fast turn around, I suggest you go to Fiverr, If you are in urgent need of a sales letter. 

A Personal Guarantee

If for some rare circumstance you think I did not provide quality work. Contact me right now and I will give every penny back to you.

You can even keep the copy and use it to make you money for years to come.


Let’s get your products selling out the checkout, contact me today.


Chris Tan


You literally got nothing to lose and everything to gain. My guarantee should put your skepticism at bay.

If you do decide to work with me, please allow me 7 days to craft a rainmaker.

A direct response copywriter can do a lot for your business. Especially when it comes to growing your sales.

Catch A Rainmaker Before It Gets Away