Attention Business Owners!

No sale from Ads?
Dead quiet?

You Need A Copywriter!

Your ads are not generating revenue. All you hear from your phone is a deafening silence.  

Reading your own website puts you to sleep… You just realized you have a website! You are barely making ends meet.

Pretty soon you will be broke, closing up shop and lining up for welfare benefits.

Or worst, go back to a 9 to 5  J.O.B. 


Sorry, maybe that was too excessive but…

No sales or leads from traditional advertisements is an expense you can live without. Then how will you get clients to your door?

This is where social media marketing can help you. Do you know how many monthly active users are on social media? Over 2 billion monthly!

Facebook accounts for over 40% of monthly active users. That is 800M of potential customers you can reach. This social media giant is where you should focus your brand presence.

If you have not even contemplated going digital, I’m sorry to say but sadly you won’t be open for long. This is a huge mistake and loss of potential profits.

Maybe you simply don’t know how or your business is not ready. Either way, there is no time like the present. Putting it off will only move you closer to the inevitable.

I can help you…

         Hi, I’m Chris Tan. Short, brown skin and almost dashing Copywriter with three years of experience writing sales copies. A Facebook advertising geek, decoding confusing metrics for suave and charming business owners.

Having a Copywriter as your social media marketer puts you in leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors. Copywriters write engaging compelling effective copy. Crafting contents with persuasive, enticing, powerful words to sell.

Utilizing my proven copywriting formula with years of Facebook marketing experience. I can help you get tons of raving traffic to your doorstep buzzing to buy from you. 

You will get

  • More sales
  • Double, triple, quadruple, 10x your profit
  • Lifetime of customers
  • More time for you to grow your business
  • Less expense on Ads
  • Better return on Ad spend
  • Torrential traffic of the perfect clients
  • Grow your business

Goodbye, boring day at the office. Hello, oodles of high paying customers.

Do you think your competition is not building their social media presence? You are wrong. Digital is the way forward and those in the business world know it.

Technology is moving so fast. It is only a matter of time before McDonald’s becomes automated. Surely Hungry Jacks, Pizza Hut, Subway will follow suit.

Transport industries are also joining the bandwagon. In April 2018 Woolworths announced that they are following Amazon Fulfillment Center’s footsteps. With this news, do you think Coles is sitting on its fat, rich bum?

No way!

In January 2019, Coles told their staff, redundancy is on its way in 5 years.  Automation is coming. The majority of the market will be owned by whoever puts this into action first.

The point I am getting at is business and technology go hand in hand. How fast you can carry out an objective will outpace your business rivals.

Social media advertising cost is cheap, for now. I guarantee it won’t be for long. Take advantage of this while you still can.

Not implementing a digital transformation is a great detrimental to you. Make this a top priority. Future proof your business today!

Benefits of a Strong Social Media presence

  • Builds trust
  • More leads and sales
  • Helps you connect to the right audience
  • Outrun your competition
  • Great way to communicate to clients and customers
  • Create authority

You hear that? Your phone is ringing off the hook!

Don’t be the next Blockbuster

You heard of Blockbuster? 

In the year 2000, the CEO of Blockbuster laughed at Netflix’s faces when they tried to sell their startup for $50M. In 2010, failing to transition to a digital model, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy. Who’s laughing now?

There are more businesses that failed to innovate resulting in foreclosure. One of them is Borders. A brick and mortar store for books and music.

Opening multiple locations around the world while jumping on the e-reader train too late, left them with surmounting amount of arrears.

Secure Site

This site is protected with security technology the same as the big banks use. You are assured that every transaction, every detail are secured from malicious attacks. Your information will stay private.

I understand your trust in me is lacking right now. Given the number of scams on the internet, I don’t blame you. My brother has been ripped off by phishing sites thousands of his hard earned dollars.

Seeing what he went through, the anger, the depression, the stress put on his family which came close to breaking. I don’t want anyone else to feel the pain he and his family experienced.

Thus prioritizing security was so important than anything else.

A little tip…

If you are sending sensitive information to the internet, double-check the website address. Any misspellings, URL starts with http only and not https are some signs that the site is not legit. A locked padlock icon just before the https:// is a good indication that the page is secure.

Copywriter builds your credibility

Why settle for mediocre social media authority? Sales copies that don’t even get purchases? Or worst, no clicks? 

Any good copywriter will charge you an arm and a leg. I am only charging you a minuscule little pinky toe.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, in fact, I hate it, but I am confident in my abilities to bring you staggering results.

Affordable Price. Expensive Results!

A simple one-time low payment for a compelling sales letter that has the potential to make you thousands for years is not something to think about.

Grab it by the horn! Take advantage of this limited time offer right NOW!

I can only take on another 4 clients this month on a first come first serve basis. Make sure you are one of them.


Why should I trust you?

To be honest, don’t trust me. You shouldn’t trust anyone you just met. Especially on the internet.

I don’t want a one-time payment from you. I want us to have a good long-lasting relationship. Trust is earned and it develops over time.

What if it doesn’t solve my problem?

I offer a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy. So the only thing you will be concerned about is running your business.

Why should I choose you over others?

I am semi-handsome, short yet dashing. Sorry ladies, I’m taken. Guys, goodnight.

As well as delivering silly, stupid jokes, I’m an assassin when it comes to creating sales copies. I study the target (product or service), plan the attack and execute swiftly. Before you know it, the target will be begging to BUY. 

Additionally, you have nothing to worry about when you work with me. If you are not happy, I will give back every penny as soon as possible. That is better than me tweeting my own horn.

PS: Please don’t work with me unless you are serious about growing your business and remember…

There is absolutely no risk for you with my satisfaction guaranteed or your money back offer.

My Passion. My Specialty.

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Food
  • Photography
  • Travel

One of them is photography which complements my travel bug problem. Above is me taking a selfie near the clear blue ocean of Nha Trang, under the searing sun of Vietnam.

As well as being a foodie, I love to cook. Which pairs really well with my Health and Fitness addiction.

I devoted years of my life in perfecting these passions of mine.

These are my expertise…

So if you need a job done in these fields. Be assured that a specialist is on it.