I have written hundreds of Facebook Ads in my 3 years of ‘entrepreneurship’ journey. Do you know what I found out about writing Facebook Ads? Firstly, let me introduce myself. Hi, I am the self-proclaimed BEST copywriter for Facebook ads.

What I found out about writing Facebook Ads for 3 years straight will shock you! Ready to hear it? The image grabs the eyeballs, NOT the headline. Mindboggling right? And you know the most shocking part? Just a catchy one-sentence headline converts as much as any 30 pages sales letter. Has your mind been blown yet?

Geeky Copywriter For Facebook Ads

Dear entrepreneur,

I am writing to you for 3 reasons:

  1. It is to showcase my sales letter prowess.
  2. For my own vanity.
  3. To sway you into hiring a copywriter instead of writing the ads yourself.

Let me start by saying thank you for choosing to click on my blog from a choice of many. If this blog was your last choice, you will not be disappointed.

A typical sales letter will try to keep the service or product a secret until the reader is excited and ready to explode. Well, this is different because you already know what my offer is. Let me get to the point.

Running Facebook Ads?

You Need The BEST Copywriter To Write Your Facebook Ads

What if I told you I know if an ad will be successful just by glancing at the heading?

What if I told you I know the secrets to a good Facebook ad?

What if the things you have been taught by so-called “gurus” are actually wrong?

Are you one of those people that started dropshipping because of these millionaire “gurus” flashing their high-end cars and their luxurious life in your face 24/7.

They convince you how easy it is to open an online shop using Shopify (truth be told, it is.). Import products from Aliexpress and run Facebook Ads.

But first, they will show you their sales graphs which will look impressive. From the low end climbing the mountain to the all-time high peak. That is designed to get you all hyped up and excited.

Then you start to think to yourself, heck I want to get rich! I want to have what these gurus have.

In reality, the sales graph ’s suppose to have made them millions in a short amount of time is their ‘revenue’.

The keyword there is ‘revenue’. I did accounting so I know a bit of Financial lingo. But, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that revenue is not your take-home pay.

These guys showing graphs about how many thousands or millions they made are not being transparent.

How about the cost to get those sales? The marketing, ad spend, the monthly cost of the store, cost of plugins they are using, hiring of a copywriter? These things they don’t mention because it will look expensive and hard.

If they had told you that the road to success is long and expensive, would you still have jumped in? I am guessing a resounding no.

How do I know all these? Well, sadly, I have been there…

I opened and failed 4 online businesses using the drop shipping model. You’d think I’d learn the third time.

The problem was, I didn’t stick to one thing long enough. In less than 9 months I would close one store and open the next.

Yes 9 months, did you think you can make money in your first few months? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. That’s what you were led to believe.

Another wall I hit was the cost of ads. I just didn’t have enough income coming in to sustain the overheads. Marketing was a struggle.

Although I knew what I was doing, all the know hows, none of those mattered if I was restricted to a budget or no budget.

What I am about to tell you will probably save you the headaches and trouble in the long run. Listen close…

You see, I was never told that I needed money to run a business and not the other way around. Throw away the mentality of starting a business to make money because it’s pure BS.

The worst time to start a business is when you are flat broke. So…

If you are strap for cash and have opened your online business just recently. STOP reading right NOW!.

I suggest you get a good steady income coming in first before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey. Starting a business needs a good amount of initial capital.

This is what the so called ‘gurus’ don’t tell you and it pisses me off!

There are literally hundreds of people starting businesses each day with the expectation to strike it rich quick and easy.

So fired up right now.

Moving on…

Since you are still reading this letter. Something tells me that you are well established and making a good considerable chunk of change.

I Will Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Sales In A Month… Or It’s FREE.

A marketer will argue it will take 7 to 9 times to get their attention before you can start selling.

I am a student of marketing, I know too well about awareness but…

First and foremost, I am a direct response sales copywriter. My job is to sell within that first engagement. Not second, not third, not fourth, not the 9th time. No sir, if that happens, then I suck at my job.

Before I start telling you how I will double or even quadruple your sales I need to tell you one thing.

There are copywriters out there that read one or two copywriting books and call themselves “copywriters”. Be wary of them.

Copywriting is a language. Just like any other language, you can’t just read a book or two and be good. You need to speak it, practice and keep practicing excelling at this skill.

I was drafting mock up copies, reading copies and learning how-to for a year. Only then I finally called myself a copywriter.


I mentioned that copywriting is a language. To elaborate on what I did.

You need to practice copywriting on the daily.

Which is what I did and still doing to this day.

I read a piece of sales copy. Then I would copy an entire copy. I would then write my own copy about any item I see.

In fact, what you are reading right now is a sales copy if you haven’t picked up on that by now.

It is a great way for me to hone my craft while adding content to this blog. Hitting one bird with one stone so to speak.

Moving on…

Facebook Advertising

As mentioned I have written hundreds of Facebook Ads while failing on my 4 businesses. I love reminding myself. Keeps me humble.

Facebook advertising ain’t that complex as you might think. Creating and targeting is straight forward. What makes it hard is knowing what each metric represents. There are a few of them.

Understanding what the data is telling you is so important and can’t stress it enough.  Knowing this helps determine your next move.

For example, in 1 day, if my ad is not generating any clicks I would kill it. However, if people are clicking through and it generates a sale within 4 days, I would keep it running.

There are many more metrics to look at but this is probably the 2 most important that matter.

If you want to learn Facebook Advertising yourself, Facebook is offering a free course, called the Facebook Blueprint.

I actually tried Facebook Blueprint but I found courses from Udemy and Fiverr was easier to understand. Yes, I have Facebook course certificates.

Not just the language they use but also the way they go into more details and explain things thoroughly.

It took me about a few days to understand the basics. In a few months, I finally became able to read what the data is showing me.

You Can Quadruple Your Sales Knowing These Skills!

Yes, you can do it. All you have to do is put some money into buying, books, courses, time and effort into learning a new language (copywriting).

There is also a difference in knowing copywriting and doing copywriting. For someone who hasn’t done any form of sales copy, especially the long sales letters, it can be daunting.

Then you have to understand the basics of Facebook Advertising, spend days to months finding out what works and what doesn’t. You will likely lose money too in the process.


You can use my services to save you of all the hassle and problems that come with learning new skills.

I have already spent a great deal of money and time grasping how to run Facebook Ads. A year worth of writing copy, reading copy and learning everything about copy.

Why not use this to your own benefit?

Look, growing a business can be tough. God knows I know. Before you were successful, you might have been doing everything all on your own all this time.

What you should come to realize is your time is highly valuable. Start leveraging other people’s time and outsource resources.

Stop micromanaging, trust in others to do the work for you. Focus more on the important aspect of your business. That is growing, implementing new ideas and coming up with new strategies.

Message me today to see how I can help with your business.