Looking for a copywriter for photographers? I was sorting the raw files from my holiday in Vietnam. With my D600 just under my computer desk, I wondered…

Are there photographers hiring copywriters? Wouldn’t it be great if I could work with people that share the same passion and interests? 

You are likely looking for a copywriter since you are reading this. Here is my pitch; after all, you are here looking for GOOD copywriters — what an excellent way for you to determine if I can cut the mustard with a sales letter.

Sales letters come in different sizes and forms. My structure varies from product to service. No, I don’t use templates or outsource the work.

Why? Everyone else does?

Well, for an effective sales campaign, the audience shouldn’t be able to categorize what I am pitching. Once they think they have seen the ad before, without a doubt, they will move on.

Using a template everyone else uses can work against you. It can affect the tonality; the message won’t be congruent; competition might use the same headline.

Thus emphasizing originality is crucial to our success.

In the case of outsourcing the job. Heck no! I take pride in my work, and trusting someone else to do it for me doesn’t bode well.

After all, I sell results. I trust in MY skill to produce excellent outcomes.

Moving on…

Copywriter For Photographers -The Sales Pitch-

Photographer’s Job Is To Steal Moments In Time…

My Job Steals Money Ethically

Using my chosen profession to sell your photography products, I will net you gazillions of moolah. I can get the tight arse of tight arses to take out their credit cards and buy NOW!

Hi, I’m Chris Tan.

And I use persuasive words to make money from people ethically.

For years this craft has stayed the same. For decades the simple yet effective formula works and…
It’s still working to this day.

For centuries, it has been passed down from mentor to mentee. The name has not changed, yet it has garnered different meanings.

Which confuses the hell out of everyone in the industry. Only the true disciples of this art know the secrets.

copywriter for photographers

I have been making money from customers for years using my chosen specialty. Sold hundreds of items at a minimum of 50% profit margin while competitors are cutting prices to get sales.

Hiring me, a specialist in my industry, who spent years perfecting my skill, will make you 7x the amount you pay me, just using this old craft.

Today, I will reveal to you what I do that turns simple words into Jedi mind tricks…

This is the only sales job on the planet that will potentially octuple your revenue in 2 months without ever speaking a single word.

Please take a look at these rainmakers which together made Billions for the companies that bought them.

This simple letter that ran for 28 years made $2B worth of subscriptions.

While another letter sold millions of books about making friends.

The famous Gary Halbert who charges an arm and a leg to write Million dollar letters. Here is just one of them.

Imagine what a letter of this caliber can do for your business? One letter can potentially multi-octuple your revenue in a year.

What will it do for your life? I guarantee you’ll see a massive difference.

Just think of the people that will envy and admire you. You can buy whatever you want, do things whenever you want, go wherever you want to go.

Your neighbors will start to wonder how you could afford all those renovations around your house, where you got the money to build that massive pool in your backyard.

They will start to get curious and jealous. You can blame the Lambo parked on your driveway for that.
You don’t have to mow the lawn anymore, no cooking, heck you can get someone to clean your house daily.

That trip around the world is no longer out of reach. You can fly your private jet anywhere in the globe.
New experiences, new memories, new life. A better life. You might even start to look attractive to the opposite sex.

However, you must do one thing to get all these benefits.

Hire a copywriter for photographers (me)

That’s it!

I am a copywriter specializing in profit-making sale letters with a passion for photography.

Having a photographer that can sell for you should be a no brainer. Other than the fact that I know who your target audiences are, I can also speak to them in a familiar tone.

The audience can resonate with me as I gently push them to that final line, the ‘buy now’ button. There’s no one better suited.

Familiarity with photography products helps. It will be an easy sell when the audience feels the writing is of an expert in the field.

EASIER to sell if the writer lives and breathes photography. The audience can relate, and this adds tremendous credibility.

I have to be honest with you, however. I am not cheap. Nor am I expensive.

I am smack bang in the middle. That makes me a great choice. Why?

Well, for one thing, you don’t have to walk around on one leg and eat with one arm. A-list copywriters charge from US$10,000.

You also don’t want a sales letter worth $100 because you are better than that. Heard of the term you get what you pay for?

What you will get from me is a high converting sales letter that uses a proven formula that causes the reader to act. A single letter that can quadruple your sales overnight.

This is the plan to set out your photography domination.

You tell me the product or service. I will find out everything I can for as long as it takes.

You see, research is vital in this line of work. The bulk of my time is spent on finding facts.

After all that tedious fact-checking…

I will use all my expertise to come up with a letter to seduce the reader to buying.

In 7 days, ALL I will think about is your product or service.

This is enough time for me to research correctly. Come up with an angle. Develop a rainmaker.

Not only will you get a copywriter who specializes in sales letters, but a copywriter who shares the same passion as you.

I Am A Shutterbug

One of my hobbies has me trekking jungles just to get THAT shot. The picture here is taken in the middle of the day. Using ND filters to slow down the shutter speed, creating blur.


This next photo is taken in my first year of learning photography. Again, using ND filters to reduce light entering the sensor. While my friends were fishing, I was shooting.

Some of my works can be viewed in my Flickr account.

I speak photography…

Shooting raw, filters, bracketing, high key, low key, halos, marching ants, bokeh (my favorite), depth of field, golden hour, PSD, I can go on.

Now, a regular copywriter wouldn’t have a clue of what those things are. In their minds, it is gibberish.

Would you trust that person to do your sales pitches to your smart audiences? They will smell something fishy a mile away.

A sales letter communicated properly, highly converts. Good pitch, an empathic tone has shown to make MILLIONS!

As a fellow photographer, I offer you this…

No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

I will write a persuasive, compelling copy that will sell a video recorder to a photographer. You can run it and test it against your current ad to see which works best.

In the unlikely event, a rare circumstance that the sales letter does not perform as it should, then…

The amount of work I put into one single sales page is, what can I say, GINORMOUS! One job took me a month to finish because it had to be perfect.

The secret sauce was missing. It can be a daunting task finding it, something I don’t take too lightly.
So why offer a guarantee this generous?

Firstly, I believe in my skill to create a high converting sales letter. Secondly, my track record of delivering a letter that sells is pretty good.

Time To Go Full-Frame?

You can choose to work with a geeky copywriter that shares your interest, passion, and speaks your language.


You can hire a random copywriter who doesn’t know anything about photography. Work with him, or her, only to find that person has no clue what a nifty 50 is. Your people will see right through.

The choice is entirely up to you but…

If by chance, you are willing to have a long and fruitful relationship with a copywriting shutterbug, click on that button below.


It would be best if you act now. I can honestly take on another 3 more clients this month. Once filled, I’m afraid you will have to be on the waiting list. The wait can take up to 1 month.

Stop wasting your time writing! Leverage mine instead to properly run your business. I will manage your content and lure your prospects to act.

A copy so captivating your customers can’t stop reading until they finally take out their credit card.

Leveraging the power of social media, I can grow your brand and garner attention from the right people. Turning them into loyal fans eagerly anticipating your products.