Local search engine optimization service

Are you a local business looking for search engine optimization services?

If you are, then this is your lucky day. Do I have a surprise for you, but…

That will have to wait. Firstly, let’s talk about local search engine optimization service.

SEO or search engine optimization is a series of processes to improve a website’s Google ranking. 

Local search engine optimization is different from your traditional SEO services.

The only main difference is that with local SEO, there is a geographical element to it.

Traditional SEO cannot be tied down to a localized area. 

To understand how they work, we have to see how Google looks at local SEO and traditional SEO.

When it comes to local SEO, Google gives preferential treatment to local businesses with relevance, distance, and prominence.

While traditional SEO needs to build authority, votes (backlinks), and provide a good user experience. There are many more ranking factors, and Google keeps changing and updating. When picking an SEO consultant, you need someone who loves SEO. SEO specialist that keeps up to date with the thousands of algorithmic changes done by Google every year.

Local search engine optimization service description

I will detail out our local search engine optimization service. This way, you know that we are doing our job. 

The following is what we’ll do to rank your business in Google to the top in 3 to 6 months:

  • Create, claim, and verify your Google My Business listing.
  • Optimize your listing.
  • Manage your citations.
  • Track your results.

Create, claim, and verify your Google My Business listing

Creating, claiming, and verifying your Google My Business should be a top priority. Now, there are other major search engines such as Bing and Apple maps that others are using. Don’t miss out on these potential customers by not claiming your business.

Yes, there are search engines other than Google. Make sure you address this with your SEO agency. Some agencies only claim Google to cut their hourly cost. Although I advise against it, I do understand that they have to cater to the needs of the client. 

Most of the time, it is the cost. 

Claiming your business in Bing and Apple shouldn’t be opted out of the service list. These are major ranking factors when it comes to local SEO.

Optimize your listing

Looking after your Google My Business is crucial to your success. Google uses your business details and reviews to help you rank.

Thus, emphasizing Google My Business is essential to your local SEO campaign. I can’t stress that enough. 

Our experts validate your business details for any discrepancies and correct them. Having your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) identical across the web is also important.

So, auto and manual corrections should be implemented before moving forward.

Refine your category. The category tells Google what your business is about, so it can better understand your business and direct you, ideal customers.

Reviews should also be managed. Any positive reviews should be engaged, while negative feedbacks should be addressed. 

Here’s how reviews work in Google’s eye. If your website has many clickthroughs, it tells Google that people love your service.

On the other hand, if your business has been shown to customers, but they don’t click through to your website shows Google that no one wants your service. No clickthroughs can result in a drop in rankings.

Reviews can affect clickthrough rates. 

Managing business citations

Citations are needed to rank high in the Google local map pack. Citations can be checked automatically by an SEO tool like Semrush, but it does not detect every citation. 

While SEO tools can help in the tedious process of searching and updating NAPs, it does not detect every citation of your business. 

You can manually check other citations your business had listed and fix them by using Google search operators.

Track your results

SEO can be volatile, lost rankings, an algorithm change, lost position are all too common in the SEO world.

It’s essential to check your website every week for any discrepancies so you can fix it is as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Tracking your results can give you a great indication if your current strategies are generating revenue or losses.

We keep a lookout of your website’s health and rectify any issues as soon as it’s detected.

These are just some of our processes in ranking your site to the top 3 of Google’s local map packs in a short time. 

You will get reports to see whether we are doing our job. You will get initial analysis so you can compare your rankings from before and after. 

This helps you to know that we are doing our job, and most of all, it makes us accountable.

Local search engine optimization service with a difference

Our local search engine optimization services provide outstanding value. Our Local SEO geek loves to listen to hours of web analysis and Google search updates. 

There is also a webmaster hangout where he loves to attend weekly. If he could, he will ditch us and fly over to Google headquarters to write codes and drink coffee. 

We don’t want that to happen. Please don’t anger him by insulting his work; he is quite the perfectionist and proud of his work.

Quite understandable when you have his kind of website ranking caliber.

You know the remarkable thing is, he knows the buyer’s mentality, which is quite useful when you are trying to do email marketing. 

So, what makes us different is our proven system to rank websites to gain more traffic. And, we can turn those websites from browsers to buyers by the power of the written words— copywriting.

Moving on…

Local SEO service in Australia

Although we are based in Sydney, our local SEO services are worldwide. Any local businesses can use our services to help improve their local search rankings, wherever they are on the planet.

In saying that, we are concentrating on improving Australian business visibility in the Google search results pages. 

We make it our mission to improve our fellow Aussie business owners, and entrepreneurs dominate Google.

Local SEO service prices

Our local SEO service prices can vary from business to business. There are just too many variables to determine a fixed price point.

Variables such as competition, business age, and how good are your service/product.

A low competition business can have low competition keywords, and it takes a lot less time and money to rank high. 

On the other hand, competitive niches may require additional resources to compete with the already established businesses.


There are many questions our past clients have asked in regards to our local search engine optimization service. I’ve made a list of them below to answer any questions you may have initially.

What is a local SEO service?

A local SEO service helps promote your local business to people that are looking for your help in their area.

So, if someone is searching for a plumber in a specific area, local SEO service will help you be in front of that person that is searching. 

It is resulting in lots of customers and phone calls for your business.

How do you price your local SEO service?

Our pricing model is a retainer model. Our price ranges from $800 to $1600, which is comparatively cheap compared to SEO agencies. 

I have to advise that you should not do your SEO campaign with anyone who offers the lowest price. 

Beware of an SEO who charges $99 to $200. Most they will do is update or create your Google My Business listing.

Instead, choose an SEO consultant or an agency which are transparent with the job they are doing. The SEO should also give you live reports on the work they are doing. Lastly, an initial report of your website should be done before your SEO campaign starts. 

This initial report can help you see that your site is improving in time, and it makes the SEO agency or consultant accountable.

Is it worth to do SEO?

Yes. SEO is a long term game. However, it yields the most significant reward compared to ads.

I’m not saying ads are not effective; I’m getting leads from my Facebook ads. 

But, what happens when you turn off your ads? No more phone calls, no inquiries, no business. It’s not a great long term strategy for your business. 

The best way to great marketing is an Omni approach. Ads will help you generate revenue quicker while your SEO will help you in the organic search for years to come. Even if you turn off your ads, you still have an avenue to get customers for FREE.

Why are local search engine optimization services are expensive?

I don’t think our prices are high compared to the big agencies that can charge from $3000 to $10000 per month. 

Our local SEO service is quite cheap, compared to $3000.

We serve local businesses in Australia, and I know that for a small business, $3000 can be expensive. 

Thus, our price is not overblown. We do the same jobs as the top agencies; only we charge half the price.

When you are ready for a proven and useful local search engine optimization service, contact us today.