A friend who runs a garbage bin business asked me, “Why hire a copywriter?”

To which I replied…

Most of the best businessmen and rich entrepreneurs outsource their copywriting to professionals.

3 Reasons For A Copywriter


I told him to read my blog…

Here are three reasons that I think is the most important… Yup that’s all I have, 3 reasons. They are good though.


Their time is precious and there are only 24 hours in a day. Take away 8 hours for sleeping and you end up with just 16.

Would they rather run their business or spend that time writing the best article in the world?

During my time running my little online e-commerce. I was doing everything, marketing, advertising, banner ads, videos and writing contents.

What took most of my time was writing.

My theory was…

“I can write my own copy to sell products, how hard can it be?”

I spent hours, even days to get one article up. I would soon realize this is not the most productive use of my time.

Coming to this realization, I started writing quickly stitched up contents so bad it hurt my business.

Writing articles involves research, brainstorming ideas and editing. It is a slow process consuming a significant amount of your time.

As a successful entrepreneur, you need to leverage other people’s skill. In doing so, you can focus more on other aspects of your business.

Save Money

Saving money goes hand in hand with time-saving. How much do you think you are getting paid per hour?

This is why time is important for you. Concentrate on running your business instead of wasting your time writing.

When you can lead your team efficiently by outsourcing resources, you will grow exponentially.


When you need heart surgery, would you go to a plumber? I hope not. You would go to someone who specializes in heart surgery.

Copywriters are adept at their craft. Years of writing either for themselves or others have honed their skills.

They can pierce through hard armor, slash their way in your customers’ mind and influence it to take action, without ever opening their mouths.

That is the power of copywriting.

Finding A Good Copywriter

Average copywriters are a dime a dozen, they are replaceable but good ones are not.

If you find them, cling to them for dear life as they are your rainmaker.

Here are some tips on how to find these “rainmakers”.


You need someone who is enthusiastic not necessarily the most qualified. Personally, if I am to hire a copywriter, I will spend the time getting to know their attitude than what they have in their portfolio.

When it comes to making money, attitude is the most important thing of all. Their motivation toward producing great results. How elated they are when it comes to generating revenue.

SEO Knowledge

A good background in SEO will also benefit your company. Knowing what, where and how many keywords to mix in your content will help Google rank your site better and avoid penalties.

Albeit, If you are only writing for keywords, it will not read smoothly. Don’t even think of keywords stuffing, those days are gone, thanks to the Google Panda algorithm.

I typically write content optimized for readership and not keywords but somehow I manage to squeeze the keywords in. Much like how I can add the keyword “why hire a copywriter” just now.

There are other important factors which determine how your site will rank in Google which I will reserve for another post but…

Just to name a few are your site’s speed, too many ads, thin content, 404 errors, mobile redirects, user experience, trustworthiness, over optimization.

Advertising Metrics

Another great skill your copywriter should possess is the ability to interpret advertising metrics. Facebook and Google metrics are typically the same.

The ability to deduce data is crucial to running your business. Knowing when to kill an ad will prevent further losses.

While recognizing the time and how to scale will generate lots more revenue. You can never have enough revenue right.

A digital marketing copywriter is a good addition to your business. Recognizing problems early can lead to implementing fixes quickly.

A business that can implement fast will leave competitions eating dust.

Love Their Work

Lastly, when you give orders to modify the copy because you think it will be better.

And your copywriter agrees without hesitation. I will be taking them off the payroll faster than you can say “You are fired”.

These copywriters are the perfect example of who you don’t want. They lack confidence in their work and only tell you what you want to hear.

People pleasers, brown tongues. They will feed your ego, but not your business.

In my view…

Unless you are in the copywriters A list or have done hundreds of rainmaker copies.

I will not be listening to your advice about copywriting.

There is a massive difference between knowing and doing. You need a doer.

Make It Rain

Going back to my friend’s question, “Why hire a copywriter?” to answer is to ask yourself these questions.

Do you need a high converting sales copy?

Do you want a well researched and structured article?

Do you want a website that pulls in FREE traffic?

Do you need to focus more on growing your business?

Do you need more time for yourself and family?

If you answered all yesses, then shoot me a quick email or Messenger. I will be your rainmaker.

Stop wasting your time writing! Leverage mine instead to properly run your business. I will manage your content and lure your prospects to act.

A copy so captivating your customers can’t stop reading until they finally take out their credit card.

Leveraging the power of social media, I can grow your brand and garner attention from the right people. Turning them into loyal fans eagerly anticipating your products.