Looking outside my bedroom window, through a torn curtain,  all I see is the dark silhouette of trees. The golden hour has gone and dusk has come. Bringing with it a pondering question that has been longing on my mind. Where does a copywriter work?

Where Copywriters work can be in an advertising agency, marketing agency or in a company. They can also be a freelancer. Working in the comfort of their own home or anywhere in the world is what entices many.

I myself have never worked in an office or ad agency. Always have been freelancing since after closing all my small businesses. Almost all my copywriting experience was from writing sales copy for products that I was drop shipping.

Yes, I was one of those naive people that thought I was going to be the 3% of drop shippers that make it.

I do know some people that know some copywriters who know other copywriters which work in agencies who love the work environment. I cannot even imagine why they would love it, but they do, so hey, each to their own I say.

They prefer to be working for a company because, and I am guessing here, is likely the security a J.O.B. has to offer. You know all that sick leave, annual leave, superannuation, maternity leave, maybe dental, health incentives and all that.

Also, banks may favor giving them loans compared to a business owner that has a variable income. This is important for some people that are looking to buy a house.

So to put it in more detail, let’s go over some things as to why they love a workplace environment.

The Benefits Of Working In A Company

  1. Fixed income – You know what you will get at the end of the week, month or year. It is very easy to budget when you know how much exactly you will get paid. The banks are also happy and are more confident to lend you loans. You know who is most happy, the government, the tax collector, politician, the prime minister. They are happy to get a piece of your pie. It is not all bad, you are able to afford a house, your rent, mortgage, car, travel, coffee. Money makes that possible.
  2. Meet friends – If you are the extrovert type, you are probably raising your hands in excitement saying aloud “YES! YES! YES!” right now. Then this is for you. Working in a team environment will have you meeting new people and get to interact with them all the time.
  3. A purpose – In some people, they find meaning in their work. They have a job to do and people rely on them doing the best they can. Let’s take a look at a mailman, if he doesn’t get up and do his job, your long awaited Yoda mug you bought from eBay would not be delivered. People see the importance of that. A waterboy is not simply just a boy that delivers water. If no one would hand the athletes their water, they would underperform. Come on, they are getting paid millions or thousands of dollars, why do they have to fetch their own water bottle? (smiley face)

Benefits Of Working At Home

You guys already know where I stand. That is, I prefer to be working at home.  Imagine just getting up in the morning, have your coffee and breakfast. Open up your laptop and start working.

No need to put on your makeup, there is no need to have a shower. Yes, you can work smelling like you haven’t showered for days, you can work helluva you want. The best part is you don’t have to deal with TRAFFIC!

Okay, so I think I covered all of it.


Alright, let’s put a numbered list.

  1. Freedom – Number one benefit for me is the freedom to do whatever you want, when you want and where you want. For example, I can take my lunch break, tea break, smoke break (even though I don’t smoke), heck I can take how many breaks I want. I don’t have a boss, just a deadline and the client. Okay, let me rephrase that. I don’t have a boss on my back all the time.
  2. Freedom – You are free to get up whenever you want and start working. Get up at 11 AM, no worries, just put some nutrition into you and off you go. No more getting up so early in the morning just to avoid the morning rush. Don’t feel like working today? Well, don’t. You can do that, you set your own time.
  3. Freedom – Bob won’t be able to steal your lunch anymore. Avoid the whining, politics, B.S. rumors that goes on in any workplace.

Where does a copywriter work? They can work in an office, at home, or at the beach and get paid.

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