Anyone else on Steemit.com?  Someone asked me a great question the other day, which is copywriter vs ghostwriter.

By the way, Steemit is a platform where you post articles and earn cryptocurrency by upvotes. You may already know I am a great advocate of blockchain technology. I think it will be massive in 10 years. Anyhoo, back to the question.

Copywriter VS Ghostwriter

I simply replied copywriters write to sell. While ghostwriters are entities which float around cemeteries writing on headstone plaques, she laughed (rare I make people laugh). Ghostwriters write for businesses, individuals, anonymously. Hence, the word ghost. Ethereal, nonexistent. Let’s dig in some more, shall we?

What Is A Ghostwriter?

Going back 2 to 3 years, I did most of my writing as a ghostwriter. I wrote for people without publishing my name. Even on Steemit.com, I was writing for influencers who paid me in cryptocurrency by upvoting my posts.

The hard part of being a ghostwriter or a copywriter is replicating the client’s tone of voice. The words they use, grammar, even punctuations. Grammar? You’d think to correct them right? I see the English teachers nodding their heads. But… no.

Just think about it for a sec. Wouldn’t it look weird when all of a sudden the influencer’s fans are reading articles proofread for proper English grammar and punctuations? They’d go bananas!

When the writer you are working for uses slang generic words without commas much like this sentence. The difference is as clear as night and day. Fans will hella tell.

If the client wants you to write in their tone, who are you to say no? Whether it is in their best interest or not, the decision lies with them.

That was my conundrum as a ghostwriter. It’s much easier to write using proper format than deliberately breaking every rule.

Ghostwriters are excellent in the English language. Thus, it makes sense of hiring them for speeches, journals, blogs, essays, thesis, editing.

Ghostwriters are also hired by celebrities and famous persons to write their biographies and, or other projects.

Copywriter Vs Ghostwriter

There is only one difference between a copywriter and a ghostwriter. The determining contrast is copywriters are equipped to sell.

Ghostwriters write information, web articles, books, but they don’t have the chops like the mad men and women of copywriting.

Copywriters, direct response copywriters, in particular, use the written words to persuade, engage with customers.

If you need a blog written, an ebook, editor, proofreaders, hire ghostwriters and copywriters.

When you need something to sell, hire a copywriter. When you need something to sell NOW, a direct response copywriter specialist is the best choice.

Good direct response copywriters continue honing their craft by reading and writing copy. Much like how the A-listers hand write copies now and then to stay sharp.

I specialize in direct response copywriting. Every day I wake up and devote a portion of my time to perfecting my craft.

So when you need a copywriter that keeps evolving, that takes their selling in digital to another level, call me.