What Is A Direct Response Copywriter

“What is a direct response copywriter?” This is the question I get asked most of the time. Second only to, “What is a copywriter?” A direct response copywriter writes a copy to sell at the first instance of a prospect seeing the ad. There are no 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 7th touch. The job […]

Become a Copywriter GUARANTEED with this PROVEN method

So you want to become a copywriter. The beginning stage of your copywriting career is the hardest. You will go through ups and downs. When you are just starting out, you will be elated, you think you have found your calling but… You spend all your time fishing for prospects and you get turned down […]

Copywriter Vs Content writer

Copywriter vs content writer. The fine line between copywriting and content writing is slowly diminishing, or nonexistent for some. It’s like comparing it to k-pop and j-pop. They look the same, sound the same, but different. Copywriting has been defined as selling in print long before the internet became an idea. Content writing, on the […]

Copywriter VS Ghostwriter

Anyone else on Steemit.com?  Someone asked me a great question the other day, which is copywriter vs ghostwriter. By the way, Steemit is a platform where you post articles and earn cryptocurrency by upvotes. You may already know I am a great advocate of blockchain technology. I think it will be massive in 10 years. […]

Who Needs A Copywriter?

Who needs a copywriter? If you have a business and you need customers, you need a copywriter. Companies who want to build their brand and sell their products or services need copywriters. Whether it is an online or offline business, a copywriter is an essential addition to grow an organization. Before we get any further, let […]

What Is A Copywriter

 “What is a copywriter?”. For the average person, the chances of them hearing about this job existing is close to 0.12%. So what is a copywriter? I can tell you what’s my definition. Copywriters are the good looking, charming, and influential people that empathize with readers in their writing to build a relationship while persuading […]

Where Does A Copywriter Work?

Looking outside my bedroom window, through a torn curtain,  all I see is the dark silhouette of trees. The golden hour has gone and dusk has come. Bringing with it a pondering question that has been longing on my mind. Where does a copywriter work? Where Copywriters work can be in an advertising agency, marketing agency […]

Copywriting Tips To Get Sexy While Writing

What I am about to tell you will blow your mind! Read these copywriting tips to get sexy while writing and get rid of the dreaded writer’s block.  One of the best copywriting tips you will probably hear in your entire writing career is this. Ready? I call it the 15/5 GetSDone method. Fifteen minutes is […]

Why Hire A Copywriter?

A friend who runs a garbage bin business asked me, “Why hire a copywriter?” To which I replied… Most of the best businessmen and rich entrepreneurs outsource their copywriting to professionals. 3 Reasons For A Copywriter Why? I told him to read my blog… Here are three reasons that I think is the most important… […]

Digital Copywriter

The definition of copywriter is selling in print. So what is a digital copywriter then? A digital copywriter is simply someone who write contents that sells for the library in the cloud, the Internet. This can be to build a brand and selling products or services. Selling in text on the web. It could also […]