“What is a copywriter?”. For the average person, the chances of them hearing about this job existing is close to 0.12%.

So what is a copywriter? I can tell you what’s my definition. Copywriters are the good looking, charming, and influential people that empathize with readers in their writing to build a relationship while persuading them to act. 

What a mouthful, and I think I just pumped my head with lots of hot air just then.

Quite long compared to the Oxford Dictionary, which states…

“A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.”

My definition is probably more appealing ( I think so anyway) compared to Oxford’s boring one-liner. That is what a copywriter does, use words to engage, and entice the reader.

Digital Copywriters

In today’s digital age, there have been sprouts of copywriters in a multitude of forms. From SEO copy, blog copy, social copy, whitepaper, email, and so much more that I can’t think of right now.

What you have to understand is if the writing is not persuasive, but just a piece of information, then I do not consider it as copywriting. If the content is structured to improve the search engine ranking, it is not copywriting.

One of my services is SEO copywriting. What sets mine apart? I know the difference. Every article I write, there is an end goal, to get you to do something. I am using powerful hidden words in subtlety to sway a customer to act upon an offer. An article without these strategies is what I refer to as content writing.

A copywriting content has a structure in place to reel in the reader to the fisherman’s hands. It can either be a purchase or place interest in an offer. It is never just about providing information.

What Does A Copywriter Do For Your Business?

As you have gathered by now, copywriters don’t just write to please your audience but also try to guide customers to whatever it is you are selling.

High Converting Ad Copy

If you have an online store and would like to run Facebook or Google advertisement or Bing, yes, Bing is coming up these days. You will need a good copywriter to create ads that will convert. You may just be throwing money away if you are slapping on a “50% OFF” or “SALE” on an ad.

When it comes to PPC advertising, Google ads and Facebook are to be approached differently. They are almost similar in the way of deciphering metrics. When it comes to viewing the whole analytical technicalities, then there are some differences. For instance, when a person clicks anywhere on a Facebook ad, it counts as a conversion. While Google, it only records it as a conversion if the intended link has been clicked.

There are more different ways that Facebook and Google programmed their analytics. It will take a whole new blog for me to write it all up, so I’ll be saving that for next time. For now, know that there are minor differences, and as long as you understand how the metrics work, you are sweet like a ripe orange on a warm summer’s day.

Engaging Product Descriptions

eBay and Amazon. These platforms are competitive, and the algorithm is always dependent on pricing.

On Amazon, browsers will be shown the top three bestsellers and a sponsored listing. Out of those three or four listings that are identical products, which would you choose?

You will choose the product which is priced in the middle. For it is not too cheap nor too expensive. Try not to always compete on price as you may and should know that business is a game of margins.

The stores that are selling it cheap will go out of business soon enough. If you have your online store, you don’t have to worry about this, but…

If this is your business model, then hiring a copywriter to create a high converting product description is a good idea. This will help you get an edge over the competition. Customers will see that you have put significant effort into giving them what they need to know about the product, and this will potentially influence who they buy from.

Going back to the online store example, in addition to Facebook or Google ads, there is also the product description where you direct the customer after clicking on your link. If your product description has only technical specifications or a brief statement about the product, you are potentially losing sales. 

Sell Your Product

You have to sell the product. Show the benefits it will provide the customer. Provide valuable information. Why is this a good fit for your customers? What will it do to their lives? A copywriter can talk up your product, increasing its perceived value, in turn, giving you more room for profit.

Just imagine what it will do to your Amazon listing or eBay? It is a very competitive marketplace. Competing on price is always the case in these massive platforms, and there is no way around it. I know because I have been selling on eBay for the last nine years.

Just two days ago, I made a sale for an iPhone case that most people are selling at 50% less than my price. There are many eBay sellers and Amazon sellers that have no idea about writing compelling product descriptions. Most of them leave it or write one sentence. One sentence! Seriously…

Sometimes it irate me so much. I want to message the seller, telling them a copywriter would be a great asset to their business. Then again, I will lose my competitive edge. So, moving on…

Once you got a potential customer’s attention, take advantage of it, grab them by the eyeballs and never let go until they are writing their Paypal password or credit card details, whatever the case may be.

Video Sales Letter

Copywriting is not limited to articles of words. Video sales script copywriters make scripts that engage the audiences and get your videos converting more.

An excellent example of this is what you see on Facebook. You know when you are on Facebook, just scrolling down your feed. Then all of a sudden, a video of a dog in slow motion appears, crash testing a car seat leash in slow motion.

A copywriter does the caption appearing anywhere on the screen or any voiceover. It is crucial with video ads on Facebook to get attention or convey the message to the audience in the first three seconds to get a better return on ads.

Sometimes it takes me hours just to come up with a great caption that will engage, pull the reader in while conveying all the information within three seconds. It can also be instant, but I can’t emphasize enough how testing is crucial. This will help you choose the best captions. 

Youtubers are also requiring video sales letters. Some YouTubers have thousands of following but fail to leverage it properly. They feel that their audience will judge them as sellouts. When they do start to sell, they do it too salesy. There is a specific strategy to implement when it comes to selling, so you don’t come off too pushy.

Sales Letter

You may have stumbled upon sales letters used in direct mail or web pages, either in a long format or short. You might even have bought an item from that sales letter. They are a form of a sales pitch, using hidden tactics to enhance the effectiveness of the ad further.

Some say a long-form of sales letter converts more compared to a smaller version. This may be true, but in my opinion, and I boldly state it is price dependent. A thousand dollar product may need a little more convincing compared to a ten dollar product.

My Keto Book, which I published a month ago, profited me close to two hundred dollars, is only three pages long. Not a large sum of money maybe, but you have to consider that there was a little to no marketing is done. Posted it on Facebook groups, and that garnered me sweet traffic to my website and revenue. That was it.

To find out what sort of persuasive, cajolery, mindbending, words I used, click here. 

There are many other forms of copywriting, but I am sticking to digital and what I know best.

Why Outsource Copywriters?

Entrepreneurs, yes, you, especially startups, who create your ads are shooting yourself in the foot. While you are spending so much time researching, writing, getting that creative brain going, who is running your business?

Think of how much you are getting paid an hour? Writing for hours, editing for days, add in the research time, which may take a week or even weeks. Use that time to plan, implement, and run your business as what any good businessmen would.

Outsourcing copywriters rather than relying on marketers to do a compellingly high engaging copy is a mistake, which can easily be avoided. Except for copywriters (ME) who also does marketing. Did I tell you I am a digital copywriter slash marketer?

To conclude…

Be it a small social media posts or a long-form of blog content. Copywriters are there to provide an impactful service that will grow your business.

Companies are always hiring copywriters to write high converting content, or ads to compete for customers to sell their products and services.

Where does this lead you? While your competitors are reaping all the rewards and benefits of a good copywriter/marketer, you are still brainstorming ideas for your article.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, stop running around micromanaging every little thing. Outsource your marketing and copywriting so you can do more for your business. get rid of love handles