I can only imagine how it was done back in the day with their typewriters, ribbons, and paper. Copywriting has evolved from print to web, but the basics of copywriting are still there.

Most people seem to think that writing copy for websites is easy. Just open up Google Docs, finalize your draft then send it to a website. 

Writing is easy. Research is hard.

Keeping the audience engaged and hanging on every word is hard. Especially in today’s super busy world.

5 killer tips in writing copy for a website that works

Okay, so here are my 5 best tips for web copywriters. Hoping to help some of you start to write a copy that converts. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Make An Impact

The internet is moving fast, and contents get churned up every minute. Users are the same when it comes to web readership.

If your content does not answer what they are looking for, or they are not interested in what you have to say, they will move on. There are thousands of your competitors’ contents for them to devour.

Browsers, when they come to your website, you need to make an impact straight away if you want them to hang around. Hence, good knowledge of copywriting basics is essential.

Keep Bounce Rate Low

People will likely have stumbled upon your site via a search engine. What comes to mind when they visit your page is if they are in the right place or if the website can answer their question.

It’s vital that you can answer these quickly so that your bounce rate will stay low. This metric is critical regarding getting a good ranking in a search engine, namely Google.

A reasonable bounce rate should tell Google your site is of good quality compared to a higher number where users do not stay long.

So make sure to tell your audience right from the beginning they are not lost, and their questions will be answered if they keep reading.

You know how valuable customers are, without them, who else will listen, read, and buy what you have to say.

I cannot stress it enough how crucial it is to grab their attention and structure your writing so that they keep reading. In this day and age, it is hard!

Keeping a reader glued to the article and keep reading word for word is almost impossible. They will scan and skim. Admittedly, I am guilty of this. We are living in a busy, busy world. Plus, there are hundreds of alternatives to feed our hunger for knowledge.

Easy, Clean, User Interface

We are lazy. Be honest, if I gave you a choice between easy and hard, which will you choose? I will bet any money that you will never choose hard. It is just in our DNA.

We want things easy! So make sure that your website is smooth to navigate as well as having good content. Make your site pleasing on the eyes, effortless to read, just EASY.

Your reader should never say, “Where the hell am I? They should never feel lost.

You must also consider your visitor will close your website, move on to the next, and will likely never return if they believe you are not providing value for them.

Planning For Success

Before anything else, make sure that you understand what your goal is. So planning before you start typing away will make things easier when you get to the later stages.

You know that you will write to get sales, then make sure that your copy will gravitate towards selling. Maybe it is to build a subscriber base; then, obviously, you will write to get some love instead of being too salesy.

If it is technical information you are writing, then there is no selling involved. Just write like no one else is watching. 

Know Your Audience

Recognizing who your audience plays an integral part in how you write.

Your visitors should relate to you. If you don’t know how, then the likelihood of them moving on is high. It will also be a hard sell when the time comes.

You need to understand their needs, their questions, their problems. Once you know who your target audience, you should now write a strategy on how to best achieve your goal.

A copywriter can do a lot for your business, especially when it comes to getting traffic, growing your brand, and sales.